At Princeton University, I served as an Assistant Instructor for three undergraduate courses, totaling nine discussion sections. During Fall 2009, I led three discussion sections for "International Relations," taught by Professor Christina Davis. During Spring 2010, I again led three discussion sections for "International Relations," taught by Professor Andrew Moravcsik. And during Spring 2011, I led three discussion sections for "Intelligence, National Security and the Constitutional Democracy," taught by Dr. Diane Snyder.  

       Between Spring 2011 and Summer 2012, I completed a "Teaching Transcript" program offered by Princeton's McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. This program helps graduate students improve the overall quality of undergraduate education. Through this program, a McGraw Center teaching fellow observed one of my discussion sections and followed up with a feedback discussion. I also attended multiple workshops on pedagogy and completed a teaching statement accessible here (.pdf). 

       During the 2013-14 academic year, I was a Senior Thesis Adviser for three seniors in the Department of Politics at Princeton University. You may find my advisee evaluations here (.pdf). I was also an Assistant Instructor for a "research methods lab" for undergraduate policy students in the Woodrow Wilson School during the Fall 2013 term.

       During the 2014-15 academic year, I taught two new undergraduate courses in the Department of Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis. The Fall course was “International Institutions” and the Spring course was “International Environmental Politics.” You may find detailed summaries of my teaching evaluations from Princeton and Washington University here (.pdf).

       Beginning in the Spring 2017 term, I have taught courses on energy policy at George Washington University. My teaching evaluations are here (.pdf).